Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Backseat Drawing Junior has arrived!!

Yea! The first shipment of Backseat Drawing Junior is in! While kids have always enjoyed Backseat Drawing, the junior version is specifically designed for kids to be able to play at their own speed and comfort level.

Check it out!


The Silly Game of Sketchy Directions!

Backseat Drawing Junior brings the outrageous fun of Backseat Drawing to the entire family.

Players race to identify a drawing done by the “artist”— but the artist doesn’t know what he or she is drawing! It’s up to the “director” to tell the artist how to draw the picture without giving away the name of the item shown on the picture card.

The laughter builds as the artist attempts to follow directions and everyone tries to identify the drawing. With Backseat Drawing Junior everyone can play and the fun never stops!


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