Saturday, June 27, 2009

Origins Day 2

Oh my gosh!!! Yesterday was crazy busy!! Every table was full from about 10:30 on. I apologize to anyone who had to wait to play a game or who couldnt even get in to play the game they wanted. But, I love days like that. I get to go from one game to the next, and playing with Origins players is the best. They are quite bright and really fun!!
Well, we will be starting the day today with only 6 Word on the Streets left. I personally really want one, but because I know we will sell out first thing this morning, I think that Id better just wait until they actually come in. Ninja versus Ninja is getting down there too. I suspect that we will be out of those by the end of the day too.
I did a fun interview with John and Cody from Game On! Podcast so keep an eye out for that. I also talked with Mary Prasad from, so there should be some info from her on there.
Tournaments seem to be going quite well. Lots of happy winners. The Chain Game tournament was the highlight with many very creative responses. We are really looking forward to the Ninja versus Ninja and Backseat Drawing Tournaments today. Also, if you go to the tournaments, you can get a sneek peek at our new games 7 ate 9 and Super Circles!!

I promise, pictures tomorrow . . .

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