Thursday, November 12, 2009

PhD Candidate Uses 10 Days in Africa for Research on Planning and Decision Making

Dr. Elizabeth Lerner of Wright State University is an expert at planning. I dont mean that she is good at putting together a to do list, I mean she is literally an expert in the field of planning and decision making.
Dr. Lerner recently completed her PhD dissertation at Wright State University's Human Factors in Psychology department. During the course of research for her dissertation, Dr. Lerner along with her advisor, Valerie Shalin, PhD, and software developer, James Garrett, MS, created a computer model of Out of the Box's 10 Days in Africa game in order to help them study collaborative planning proformances and processes. "[10 Days in Africa] is a highly credible example of a real-world planning task that is still accessible to novices. [It] is educational, engaging, and lends itself perfectly to research on planning and decision making with constrained resources," says Dr. Lerner. The team was excited by the results of their studies and hope to publish several shorter papers in peer reviewed publications. "[10 Days in Africa] helped us to understand the process of planning involving multiple individuals, which has real-world applications in designing representation for complex environments ranging from mission control to manufacturing," says Dr. Lerner

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