Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winners from the Word on the Street Party Case

Thanks to everyone who entered the Word on the Street Party Case Contest! This month we had an overwhelming request for us to post the winners names and answers, so we are obliging. Here you go!

"Something that a Person Plays"
The following letters are one lane from your side of the board. You already have 4 letters off the board. Can you get 4 more letters off the board to win the game?
Entries may only be one word in length, proper names and plurals are allowed only where appropriate to the category.
The 10 entries using the most designated letters will win a copy of Word on the Street Party Case. If there is a tie, winners will be chosen randomly from the tied entries.

Randy, CA- Clarinet
Patrick, WI- Moonstruck
Michael, IL- Instrument
Tim, IL- Clarinet
Pat, WI- Racketball
Christine, OK- Clarinet
Raymond, WI- Moonstruck
Arthur, CA- Instrumental
Jonathan, OR- Clarinet
Doug, MA- Racketball

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