Friday, April 8, 2011

Building Your Faux●Cabulary!

Growing up, my favorite episodes of Sesame Street always involved visiting some sort of factory--shiny new crayons rolling down conveyor belts and dropping neatly into bright yellow boxes and molten batches of lipstick being stirred as the red and pink pigments are swirled in. The process of turning raw materials into products that I could hold, use, and even love was entrancing. Like behind the scenes shots from your favorite movie, seeing your favorite items being created can give you a connection to those products you can't get other ways. For that reason, I was really excited this morning when I opened my email to find pictures of our newest game Faux●Cabulary being created! These pictures are more assembly part of the process than production, but I think they are fun to see none-the-less. I hope you enjoy the mini tour!

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